July 14, 2021

Quieter BRISTELL B23 with an exhaust silencer

In this article, I will talk about how we dealt with the noise of the BRISTELL B23 aircraft. Some countries have strict noise level limits that restrict the operation of aircraft which do not comply with these limits. For aero clubs and flight schools, not being able to fly at lunchtime often means a significant loss of income.

BRISTELL has come up with a solution of an additional silencer that reduces the noise to a level meeting the required limit. What is more, this installation has no effect on the performance or the fuel consumption of the aircraft. In addition, the aircraft is significantly quieter even from an observer’s point of view.

BRISTELL B23 Exhaust Silencer
BRISTELL B23 Exhaust Silencer

The entire system is certified in accordance with EASA requirements. Certificate was issued under number EASA.A.642.

Optional extra for BRISTELL B23 airplane with ROTAX 912 S3 engine.

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