BRISTELL reference Jean-Michel Urlacher

When I came to test fly the B23 in the Czech Republic for aviation magazines Info-Pilote and Flieger Magazin, I wasn't expecting such an experience. First: the quality of human relationship I had with the Bristela family and all the dedicated team. Second: the quality of the work done at the factory (organised, clean, rationalised). Third: the flying quality of the airplane itself. I got to fly the B23 912 Rotax 100hp but also the prototype of the B23 915 Rotax 140 hp. Both were showing great and safe behaviour in flight, which means that Milan Bristela must have huge experience as an engineer to conceive these airplanes. They are  adapted for schools and travels. I have to admit that when it comes to the crunch, I slightly prefer the B23 915 Rotax with its better performance. I'm looking forward to exploring more of these airplanes when I have the opportunity, especially on big traveling trips.

Jean-Marie Urlacher ‧ France

BRISTELL reference Mirek

I have had the opportunity to fly the BRISTELL B23 ever since its birth. The aircraft is based on the BRISTELL UL which I have been using in my flying school for 10 years. The B23 is the result of a conceptual shift in this category of aircraft that strives to create a fast, safe, reliable, and comfortable airplane for modern times. So far, I have accumulated approx. 70 flying hours on this airplane, through test flights as well as delivering the planes to new owners. Regarding test flights, I really like the aircraft’s great flying qualities, further enhanced by the large cockpit, very comfy seats and superb instruments, which all make for an extremely comfortable journey when flying the planes to their new homes. Naturally, there are some minor drawbacks, as with every type of aircraft. But they are mainly to do with the various user opinions and requirements, not the design and characteristics of the actual plane.

It’s thumbs up from me!

Mirek ‧ Czech Republic

BRISTELL B23 reference Pilot Ulli

My opinion on the Bristell B23 is that it is a beautiful little airplane, with a really appealing design. Also, the interior looks good and is very comfortable. The plane has very good flight characteristics. The modern glass cockpit and the autopilot make traveling a pleasure. Even with a lot of luggage! I was amazed how much I can load!

Pilot Ulli ‧ Germany

BRISTELL B23 reference Petr

I have travelled a large part of Europe with BRISTELL B23. Compared to other types, I appreciate the excellent comfort even on long flights. The instrumentation makes the flight very easy and I always have a perfect flying experience.

Petr ‧ Czech Republic

I looked around, but very quickly honed in on the Bristell. It’s a solid airplane without worry of maintenance issues. It’s a dream for cross country flying.

Chet ‧ USA

Mr. Rex

There is nothing like it. It had everything that I was wanting in an aircraft. After my demo flight, I sat down with Lou Mancuso and the rest is history. I’m now an owner!

Rex ‧ USA


I am now retired from active flying business jets and have decided to enjoy life through UL and LSA aircraft. Flying the Bristell is really fantastic, the controls are smooth and very efficient and responding through gusts marvelously. The design, color scheme is very attractive, I am a great fan, enthusiastic and proud of my Bristell. Many thanks to your working team.

Richard ‧ France


I looked and looked for the Ferrari of light sport. I wanted something that was easy to fly, with enough power and fuel efficiency. Everything pointed towards the Bristell. I received Top Gun flight training at Lancaster and have become a better pilot because of it.

Michael ‧ USA


I hesitated between an older plane and a new one. My final decision was a new ULM. I was choosing from catalogs and also at exhibitions. I hesitated between two producers. But after I flew in a Bristell a lot, I chose this one. And it was for many reasons. It seems more comfortable to me, more elegant. In short, it is beautiful, and as Serge Dassault said: for an aircraft to fly well, it must be beautiful.

Jacques ‧ France


Well, BRM AERO impressed me a lot by the quality of production and when I could see it! I already bought one of their aircraft about year and half ago and I have never regretted it. It is really the best craft I have ever had and I have been flying for many years. I have to honestly say it is very beautiful, comfortable, reliable, I just like it very much.

Michel ‧ France


Bristell is a sporty and a comfortable plane in one! Very easy to fly... for me as a pilot, Bristell is wonderful for long range trips, it’s very good in turbulence, one of the best planes in class, it looks good, flies good... Bristell is a beautiful design! Sporty, stylish and friendly!

Ricardo ‧ Portugal


I love the panoramic visibility and comfortable seating. This along with the handling in turbulence and high winds. I saw 40 knot winds on the trip home from Sebring. It is an 11 hour flight from Sebring to San Antonio. The Bristell performed well.

Barry ‧ USA