Bristell Energic Flight Trainer

Payload 190 kg, MTOW 850 kg, climb rate 800 ft/min, electric energy cost 1-hour flight $ US 7.00, charging time for normal operations 1 hour. CS 23 certification by mid-2024. Available for flight schools as of mid-2024.

Key Characteristics: battery fire management, redundant BMS analog/digital, type of cells: Lithium-ion.


 BRM AERO is a Czech aircraft manufacturer established in 2009. With 7 models available, BRM AERO produces more than 100 aircraft every year. The company’s main focus is on innovation, continuously introducing new upgrades to its product line. With the B23 Energic, BRM AERO has become a pioneer of the next aviation revolution.

About H55

 H55 is the leading enabler of electric aviation offering modular, lightweight and certified electric propulsion and battery management solutions to the aviation industry as to make air transport, quiet, clean and affordable. H55 supports its customers in integrating and customizing its technology solutions for a widerange of applications suitable for both existing airplane designs and future concepts such as VTOLs and e-commuter aircraft.

BRISTELL B23 Energic technical parameters


Wing span

9.27 m

Aircraft length

6.58 m

Aircraft height

2.36 m


Standard mission at MTOW: 6 school circuits, equivalent to a standard 1-hour flight school program with 30min reserve at cruise power, ISA+ 10°C

Maximum take-off weight

850 kg


190 kg

Climb rate at max. power

800 feet/min

Stall speed

87 km/h / 45 Kts (as tested in the current prototype)

Max cruise speed (at MCP)

200 km/h / 110 Kts

Charging time/flight time

1/1 in standard conditions

Electric energy cost for 1-hour flight

$7 (at 20 cents/kWh)


Dual H55 Motor and Energy display

Flight display

Dual Garmin G5, Attitude, Airspeed, Altitude, Side
Slip and Magnetic Heading incl. backup battery


Garmin GNC 225A

Transponder with GPS

Garmin GTX 345R

Angle of attack indicator

Garmin GI 260

Flight controls on sticks

RPM, Clock and Volt/Ampermeter indicators

Electric propulsion system

Single electric motor (MTOP 100 kW / MCP 80 kW), liquid cooled

49 kWh rechargeable lithium batteries distributed in 2 permanently installed packs for redundancy

Normal use: 1000 cycles, normal operations

Warning panel for vital battery and propulsion parameters

Multifunction display for energy and power management

Propeller: DUC Hélices 3-blade propeller Certified FLASH-R (as tested in the current prototype)

Charging Requirements*

Input voltage

3 phase 400V 50Hz

Input current

32A or 63A**

Output voltage


Possibility to adapt to any EV charger station satisfying above conditions

* For maximum performance and efficiency
** Charging time depends on charger power

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