BRISTELL. AIrplanes made with a passion for flying.

Our company BRM AERO builds the entire structure of the aircraft, including subassemblies, provides the weldments and painting, as well as the installation of the avionics and engines. We also conduct flight tests of the completed aircraft, prepare original documentation, hand over the airplanes to customers, provide warranty and after sales service, and supply spare parts. In addition, we produce our own prototypes and assembly jigs.

Machining and welding

Welding, precision machining and bending. 

Airframe assembly

Assembly of the airframe and wings.


Our painters are magicians. They add originality and style to your chosen model. Choose from the available paint schemes or devise your own. Let your imagination run wild.

Final assembly

Here we breathe life into all BRISTELL aircraft. This is where the avionics and the engine are connected together.

Ready to fly

The finished plane is heading your way...

BRM AERO / BRISTELL Ready to fly to you
BRM AERO / BRISTELL Ready to fly to you
BRM AERO / BRISTELL Ready to fly to you