BRISTELL B23 Cockpit equipment

BRISTELL B23 Cockpit equipment
1 Backup battery

Provides enough power to the most important instruments for safe landing in case of emergency.

2 Choke control

3 Ignition switch

4 Eyeball vent

Provides sufficient fresh air.

5 Tosten CS-8 aircraft grip

Perfectly ergonomic with the following fuctions: PTT, AP Disconnect, CWS, Trim, COM switch, NAV switch.

6 Fuel selector

7 Throttle quadrant

8 Flap controller

Electronic, with position indicator.

9 Ballistic recovery system

Easily accessible in case of emergency.

10 Transponder

Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B with traffic module.

11 Radio

Garmin GTR 225A NAV/COM.

12 GDU 460 dual display

All flight, engine and map information easily accessible in Garmin G3x system.


L3 ESI-500.

14 Autopilot panel

Garmin GMC 507 for easy and safe flight.

15 Parking brake

16 Temperature control

To achieve the required cockpit temperature even on very cold days, provides plenty of hot air for feet as well as the glass of the canopy.

17 Intercom panel

PM 3000, allows to adjust microphone sensitivity and voice volume exactly for your headset.