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Bristell, the Czech light aircraft manufacturer which has produced more than 500 LSA aircraft worldwide, has launched the Bristell B23, its next generation low-wing airplane. The B23 has been designed to satisfy the European CS23 / U.S. FAR23 certification basis. Bristell says it “listened to feedback from more than 500 happy customers worldwide” before designing the new aircraft.

While the airplane looks very similar to the classic Bristell LSA, there is in fact far more to the new design. The fuselage is longer and the tail is larger, with an aluminium rudder; the flaps and stabiliser are bigger and better; the composite main landing gear legs have been redesigned completely to be able to carry much higher loads than previous Bristell models; and the aircraft’s handling characteristics are much improved. In addition, a twin elevator trim tab function helps the pilot to optimise the forces on the control stick.

The airplane’s maximum take-off weight is 750 kg and it has an empty weight of 435 kg, giving a 315 kg payload capability. With a 120-litre fuel tank capacity, the B23 is “a very good cruiser,” says Bristell. “The airframe is designed for long life and has a robust structure, which makes it particularly well-suited to flight training,” said Bristell.

Basic equipment includes steerable nose wheel and a BRS ballistic parachute rescue system. The standard equipped aircraft also meets night-VFR requirements and can be upgraded to meet IFR requirements.

B23 Mission

“It is great trainer for flight schools worldwide,” said Milan Bristela, founder and CEO of the company. “The airplane looks very beautiful and when pilots or future pilots fly a Bristell, after a few minutes they LOVE the airplane very much. Everybody, once they have tried a Bristell, doesn’t want to fly with anything else.”

● Very good flight and stall characteristics
● Night VFR certified, ready for IFR MCR upgrade
● Strong structure
● Roomy and very ergonomic cockpit, 125cm wide inside, good for long distance flying or teaching every day.
● Rotax 912S, 100HP with very low operating costs
● 3-blade hydraulic adjustable MT propeller - very low noise and optimum performance
● Students can learn how to operate with adjustable propeller during the training
● Dual hydraulic Goldfren brakes on the rudder pedals
● Push rods in aileron and elevator controls
● Modern full glass cockpit with dual Garmin G3X screens
● Garmin autopilot with GMC 307 control panel and Blue LEVEL button

Basic equipment

BRISTELL B23 RTF CS-23-Light, 912 S3 - 100Hp, painted in white, Night VFR
Included all documents for registration
Flight manual, Maintenance manual, Engine Manual

ROTAX 912 S3 (100HP) engine, carb. heat., slipper clutch, water, oil therm.
In flight adjustable propeller MTV-34-1-A/175-200 hydraulic constant speed
Locking canopy, locking fuel tank caps
Adjustable fresh air ventilation system, AVEO vents Airmax( silver/black)
Cockpit upholstery, two map pockets and arm rest box
Hydraulic differential disk brakes installed on both sides on rudder pedals
Rudder pedals stearable nose wheel
Electric elevator trim
Electric flap control system
Four point seat belts Am Safe
Luggage compartment behind the seats
Tinted canopy
Canopy protection cover
Auxiliery fuel pump
Adjustable rudder pedals - three positions
Parking brake
Light weight Goldfren wheels 5,00-5 10 PLY + in line ballanced anti-lock regulator
Cabin heat with demisting system
Electric aileron trim
Wheel fairings
Rescue system BRS
Noise insulation of firewall
Special leather upholstary - including sleev strips
Leather upholstered glare shield
Landing light mounted in the wing
Wing strobes and navigation lights
Wing lockers
Tail mounted strobe Whelen MB 1
Tail skid

Instruments - Navigation
L 3 ESI-500 + DCM + Inst. Kit + L-3 MAG 500 + inst. Kit
Garmin GNC 255A NAV/COM + VOR antena
Garmin G3X GDU 460 Dual + GSU 25 ADAHRS + GMU 22 + GEA 24 + GTP 59
Garmin GTX 345R, GPS 20A WAAS/GPS Pos.+ GA 35A
Garmin G3X Install Kit
Garmin GSA 28 servos
Garmin GMC 307 autopilot control panel
Garmin GAP 26 AOA probe heated
Back up battery for G3X, IBBS-12V-3AH
Intercom PM 3000 stereo
Tosten CS6 on both sticks + rele deck
Led strip on the glare shield + dimmer
BOSE Lemo conectors

Total price 199.000eur
For first 30 aircraft special price 179.000 EUR
Four US market the price could be diferent due to shipment and custom fee

Wing span 9,13 m
Wing area 11,75 m2
Wing loading 51,06 kg/m2
Aircraft length 6,45 m
Aircraft height 2,28 m
Cabin width 1,3 m
Empty weight 435 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 750 kg
Useful load 315 kg
Fuel tanks capacity 120 l
Fuselage luggage compartment 15 kg
Wing luggage compartment 2 x 20 kg
Load factorsy +4/-2g
Operational speeds:
Stall speed without flaps VS1 48 KCAS
Stall speed with flaps VSO 41 KCAS
Manoeuvring speed VA 98 KEAS
Maximum flap speed VF 81 KEAS
Maximum horizontal flight speed VH 117 KTS
Never exceeded speed VNE 156 KEAS
Climb speed:
Clean Vy 75 KTS
ROC max 690 ft/min
Vx 60 KTS
FL 10 Vy 67 KTS
ROC max 732 ft/min
Take off distance Ground roll 363 m
Take off distance over 50ft obstacle 469 m
Landing distance Ground roll 134 m
Landing distance over 50ft obstacle 329 m
All above mentioned speeds measured on the maximum take-off weight 750 kg

BRISTELL B23 preliminary climb performance (MTOW, FL10)

BRISTELL B23 preliminary climb performance (MTOW, FL10)