BRISTELL Paint Scheme Graphics

The BRISTELL has a base graphics scheme that is standard on a base white painted aircraft. Custom graphics schemes, hand-crafted by Scheme Designers, Inc., are also available.  Those schemes are developed in direct contact with Scheme Designers, Inc.  Payment for these custom designs and their installation, is made directly to Scheme Designers.


Scheme Designers, Inc.

Craig Barnett founded Scheme Designers in 1997. Since then, the company has grown into the leading provider of paint scheme and vinyl designs for aircraft worldwide. They have provided factory standard paint schemes and custom paint schemes for new aircraft for the majority of aircraft manufacturers. They have also completed thousands of individual designs for all types of private and corporate aircraft, from kits planes to BBJs, warbirds to helicopters. Airlines worldwide sport their livery designs, from single aircraft airlines in Africa to international airlines operating wide ranging equipment worldwide. Finally, they have designed the majority of AOPA sweepstakes aircraft since 1999.


If you would like to learn more, or just need a bit of advise for an upcoming aircraft painting or graphics project, don't hesitate to contact Scheme Designers. They will gladly discuss your project and scheme choices with you, and will provide a free, no obligation quotation should you wish to use his services.